CX-5 / CX-3 collection

CX-5 polo Portland

Cotton poloshirt in black with grey details.

UVP: 39,00 €

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CX-5 boarding trolley

Black boardingtrolley with CX-5 branding. Size: 35x55x23cm.

UVP: 76,80 €

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CX-5 nylon bomberjacket

Black nylon bomberjacket without padding.

UVP: 69,00 €

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CX-5 Baseballcap #Drive

Heavy Twill baseballcap with print.

UVP: 18,00 €

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CX-3 poloshirt

Shortsleeve poloshirt. Cotton with sun defense blocker (30) into the garment.

UVP: 49,00 €

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CX-3 lanyard

Lanyard with Mazda CX-3 print and egg hook.

UVP: 4,00 €

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